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The friendships we've made within the group are invaluable. What a blessing to find others who understand the daily life as an officer's wife!

We have many resources available to us within the Department and through other local and national agencies. You will have many opportunities to receive education and training to strengthen and enhance your marriage.

We are wives of all ages and all stages with varying degrees of Life Experience and LAPD Wife Experience. There's plenty of opportunity to give and take.

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Lynn C
Email: lynn@lapdwives.org
Fax: (818) 332-4319

Alice S
Email: alice@lapdwives.org

Andrea J
Email: andrea@lapdwives.org

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Our Mentors

We are …

Our Mentors

… the “Hidden Partners.” ®

Our Mentors will be profiled in this section on a rotating basis. They have “wife” experience they are willing to share. Feel free to email them and get to know them. They are here for all of us!

Hi, I’m Alice — My husband and I were married in 1974, and he joined the Department in 1977. We were high school sweethearts so we have been together for almost 39 years. We have a son and a daughter in their early 20’s, who both live at home and are attending college.

The last 6 1/2 years I have been employed at the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, as the assistant to the Executive Director. We are sometimes referred to as the “widows and orphans fund”. Before this job, I was a stay-at-home mom, actively involved in school and church events. Our whole family loves hockey, both roller and ice and we spend as much time as possible at the beach.