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Providing Support Through ...

The friendships we've made within the group are invaluable. What a blessing to find others who understand the daily life as an officer's wife!

We have many resources available to us within the Department and through other local and national agencies. You will have many opportunities to receive education and training to strengthen and enhance your marriage.

We are wives of all ages and all stages with varying degrees of Life Experience and LAPD Wife Experience. There's plenty of opportunity to give and take.

Contact Info
Lynn C
Email: lynn@lapdwives.org
Fax: (818) 332-4319

Alice S
Email: alice@lapdwives.org

Andrea J
Email: andrea@lapdwives.org

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 … the “Hidden Partners.” ®

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The membership fee is a $30.00 one time fee. Attendance at three events is requested annually to remain in good standing. Annual dues are just $10.00 per year.

Membership Application – Please Read Our Creed in the “About Us” Section as Well as our “FAQ’s” Section Prior to Submitting Your Application. Please note that for security purposes NONE of the information you submit is retained on the LAPD Wives Web Server.

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